There’s something very satisfying and reassuring about tackling a project’s hardest technical challenges early on. Sticking to that strategy through 15 months of intensive design, research, and development has certainly paid off with the brand new app I’ve been working on. There’s more to do to complete the project, but with the concept proved and the fundamental implementation hurdles passed, from here out it’s largely a matter of detail work — refining the user experience, and fleshing out the more straightforward missing bits.

I truly can’t wait to take the lid off this thing, be able to talk about it, and — most importantly — get it into the hands of people who I know will enjoy using it. Seeing it really start to take shape and come together into the app I had aspired to create is immensely rewarding, and a gratifying validation of the need I observed that needed filling. When you reach this point in a project, you know it’s no longer a matter of if, but when — and that means everything.

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