TypeMetal 1.1.3

XHTML: Is it a kind of HTML, or a kind of XML?

TypeMetal 1.1.3 recognizes this for the trick question that it is — respecting XHTML as both a floor wax and a delicious dessert topping!

With this update, TypeMetal allows for any XHTML file to have .xhtml, .xhtm, .xht, or even .xml as its filename extension, in addition to the extensions already supported for ordinary HTML files: .html, .htm, .shtml, and .shtm. (An .xml file must contain XHTML for TypeMetal to be able to open and edit it.) This should help users working with other tools and workflows that insist on particular extensions for XHTML files.

As usual, the TypeMetal Demo build has been updated to match, and there’s a minor update to the online User Guide that mentions the newly supported filename extensions.

This fix comes in response to a user request, so please keep the bug reports and suggestions coming! Your feedback is always welcome and appreciated — on Twitter, on the TypeMetal Support Forum, or emailed directly if you prefer, to “support” at coherencelabs.com.

We’ve been working nonstop on TypeMetal improvements, many of which will be part of a major free update due coming months. Stay tuned to our News and Twitter feeds for the latest — and thank you for your support!