A Landmark Year

2013 was a huge milestone year for Coherence Labs, and it’s with great excitement and anticipation that we look forward to the year to come.

The first release of TypeMetal, in June, marked the culmination of a year and a half of tireless development — striving to produce an intuitive, professional-grade HTML editing experience unlike anything else on the Mac. To do that, we started from scratch, and built an entirely new editing engine that lives and breathes modern, standards-compliant HTML as its native representation. With its keyboard-navigable UI, fully styled content-focused view, and extensibility via snippet sets to support your own semantic markup conventions, TypeMetal provides a revolutionary and more productive way to write for the Web. In a time when many have retreated to plain text and shorthand markup languages, we felt certain that there had to be a better way — one that makes it easy to tap the full expressiveness and extensibility of modern HTML, while working directly with fully CSS-styled pages. TypeMetal achieves that — embracing HTML as its native document model, while escaping the need for a separate “preview” by making rendered pages fully editable.

We set out to build a writing app that meets exacting standards of HTML craftsmanship, and have been delighted to see meticulous, demanding content developers start to adopt TypeMetal as part of their workflow. We’re proud to say that TypeMetal’s first release has achieved many of our goals — garnering enthusiastic reviews, while defying expectations and redefining what’s possible for WYSIWYG HTML editing. But we’re just getting started.

We’ve been working nonstop on a major TypeMetal update. The new version — which will be a free upgrade — adds functionality that’s been part of TypeMetal’s long-term design from the beginning. We can’t say more just yet, but this release is the beginning of expanding TypeMetal’s usefulness to a broader audience, while maintaining and enhancing its existing capabilities for those who work with standalone HTML files. The new version is nearly feature complete, and we can’t wait to take the wraps off and release it to the world. Watch for news to appear in February.

More than anything, we look back on 2013 with tremendous gratitude for you: TypeMetal’s pioneering first users. Your support, enthusiasm, and feedback have made the realization of longtime dreams possible, and are fueling the ongoing development of still greater advances to come. Thank you, and stay tuned via our News and Twitter feeds. We look forward to giving you even more reasons to enjoy crafting your content using TypeMetal.

Happy New Year!