Work on the next major update to TypeMetal has been well nigh relentless. But we’ve taken a moment to bring you some oft-requested enhancements without further delay.

Topping the list in just-released TypeMetal 1.2 is the all-new ability to pin TypeMetal’s floating “Source Loupe” down, embedding it in the associated document window — see TypeMetal 1.2’s updated “General” preference panel for a one-stop spot to configure this.

The floating Source Loupe, which was designed to facilitate occasional peeks at a document’s underlying HTML markup, is still available for those who prefer it. But some users find its movement distracting, its presence in a separate window a hard-to-manage use of screen real estate, or its transience unsuited to their workflow. The embedded Source Loupe offers additional functionality that users who like to keep the Source Loupe shown will appreciate:

  • Its height is adjustable.
  • There’s no need to leave room below the document window for the embedded Source Loupe to park itself, since it simply borrows space from the content editing area when shown.
  • You can drag, click, and double-click in the embedded Source Loupe to select the corresponding parts of your document, position the insertion point in the content editing area, and open the attribute editor for indicated elements and attributes.
  • You can easily scroll through the HTML markup for your entire document.

(See the Source Loupe page in TypeMetal’s Help / User Guide for details.)

TypeMetal 1.2 also adds awareness of HTML 5’s <main>, <dialog>, <rb>, and <rtc>elements, fixes styling of numbered list items in all of TypeMetal’s bundled stylesheets, and makes references to TypeMetal’s bundled stylesheets more resilient to file movement, by using absolute URLs. We’ve also fixed a filesystem scanning crash that could occur if you have filenames that contain ‘/’ or ‘:’ characters, and fixed some inaccuracies in mapping between your document content and the corresponding markup displayed in the Source Loupe.

As always, we’ve updated the TypeMetal User Guide and Demo build.

We love getting your feedback — which we welcome you to send via the TypeMetal Support Forum, Twitter, or directly via email if you prefer — and we also greatly appreciate App Store reviews! Stay tuned to our News and Twitter feeds for the latest — and thank you for your support!