TypeMetal 2.0.5 is now live on the App Store, with critical fixes for the security-related WordPress sync issues described in our previous post. If you use TypeMetal with WordPress, you’ll want to be sure to install this important update!

There’s a new authentication (login) process for WordPress.com accounts. — See the updated “Connecting to WordPress” page of the TypeMetal User Guide for a walkthrough.

As always, please let us know about any remaining problems you encounter! You can email “support” at coherencelabs.com, post on the TypeMetal Support Forum, or tweet @CoherenceLabs. We’re here to help!

TypeMetal 2.0.5 will be coming soon to the Mac App Store, with critical sync fixes for WordPress users.

The Internet is no place to run a server. Malicious hackers are all too eager to test and compromise your system’s defenses, hammering away repeatedly and relentlessly with script-based attacks that will cause grief for the unprepared.

In response to rising attacks of a particular kind on WordPress sites, WordPress.com and other WordPress hosting services have necessarily tightened their security, which unfortunately caused TypeMetal’s WordPress sync machinery to begin failing. (If you’ve been performing normal syncs and drafting/publishing tasks with an already-established TypeMetal WordPress project, you may not have encountered any trouble. But first-time syncs with a newly added account, or “exhaustive” syncs triggered by holding the “Option” key while clicking “Login” or “Sync”, suddenly began failing, because the prior means to obtain the list of a user’s blogs had been disabled.)

We’ve worked out a fix for this, which will appear in TypeMetal 2.0.5 as soon as it makes it through App Store review. There’s a new authentication process for WordPress.com accounts, which you’ll be able to read about on the “Connecting to WordPress” page of the User Guide as soon as the new version has been released (though we hope we’ve made it straightforward). There’s a fix for self-hosted blogs too.

We apologize to those who’ve been affected by this regression, and hope the new version will have your WordPress projects up and running again soon! As a reminder: Always feel free to email “support” at coherencelabs.com, post on the TypeMetal Support Forum, or tweet @CoherenceLabs, regarding any problems you run into. We’re here to help!

A couple of articles on the nature of the attacks being guarded against, for those interested: