UPDATE: February 26, 2015: The official TypeMetal 2.0.7 release has gone live on the Mac App Store! Once you’ve obtained it via the usual OS X App Store Software Update mechanism, please discard the TypeMetal 2.0.7e pre-release build you may have downloaded per the below instructions, to avoid possible confusion!

Original Post:

Due to further tightening of security restrictions at wordpress.com, TypeMetal sync attempts with wordpress.com accounts have started failing again.

Happily, we have a fix in hand! Affected users who are willing to try pre-release software are invited to get the new, fixed version of TypeMetal now:

To try TypeMetal 2.0.7e:

  1. Quit TypeMetal (if it’s running).
  2. Click this link to download TypeMetal “2.0.7e” (16MB)
  3. In your web browser’s (e.g. Safari’s) Downloads folder, you should find an Application file titled “TypeMetal 2.0.7e” when the download has completed. This is the new build that contains the wordpress.com sync fix. (If you see a .zip file instead of an Application file in your Downloads, double-click the .zip file first, to unpack the application from it.)
  4. Double-click “TypeMetal 2.0.7e” to launch it.

Note that, in order for this special downloaded copy of TypeMetal to launch, your App-Store-purchased copy of TypeMetal must reside in /Applications. This is the default location where the App Store puts your purchased apps. TypeMetal will only be elsewhere if you’ve moved it. We’ll have the opportunity to relax this temporary restriction in the future, but for now, if the TypeMetal build you downloaded silently fails to launch, you’ll need to move your original copy of TypeMetal back to /Applications.

This is the beginning of a new process for releasing urgent fixes with quicker turnaround than the App Store review process allows for. Users who are willing to try pre-release bugfix builds of TypeMetal will be able to download and run them, as long as they have a purchased copy of TypeMetal on the same machine. The pre-release copy will find your App Store receipt in the original app bundle, and agree to run. When an official TypeMetal update arrives via the App Store’s “Update” mechanism, you can discard any pre-release build you might be using.

One issue with this urgently-released build is that it doesn’t look in the same app sandbox to find your WordPress project files. Thus, you may end up syncing a new, separate copy of your WordPress blog(s) into the pre-release version’s file workspace. We’ll work out a process for automatically cleaning up and consolidating this extra copy in a future release. For now, getting TypeMetal users back up and running with their wordpress.com accounts was the urgent priority!

If you encounter any problems with this build, or it doesn’t solve your wordpress.com sync problem, please let us know right away — by tweeting us @CoherenceLabs, posting on the TypeMetal Support forum, or emailing us at “support” at coherencelabs.com. We’ll do everything possible to get you up and running again quickly!