TypeMetal 2.1 is live on the Mac App Store and ready for macOS Sierra!

Also noteworthy in this release:

  • Security updates: App Transport Security conformance, new OpenSSL, new OAuth2!
  • WordPress project window:
    • The post+page list now loads on demand, as it’s scrolled. This, and less aggressive reindexing, improve performance for sites with thousands of posts.
    • “Copy Permalink URL” from the post+page list context menu now works better. We put more kinds of data on the pasteboard, to help client apps find a kind they want to paste.
    • Index searching is more robust. Because nobody enjoys crashing mid-search — or ever, really.
  • WordPress post editor windows:
    • Post category list now registers edits correctly.
  • Cobwebs cleared, attic dusted, uses of deprecated API replaced.
  • Document properties titlebar popover is gone from WordPress project and post+page editor windows, where it just caused trouble.

Sincere thanks, as always, to our loyal users! If you find TypeMetal helpful, an App Store review, Tweet, or whatever you feel moved to post anywhere would be a greatly appreciated help in spreading the word! — Thank you!