TypeMetal 2.0.8 just arrived on the Mac App Store, with important fixes for both general HTML editing and WordPress issues. Of particular note:

  • Image references sometimes broke when a WordPress draft was saved and later reopened. That troublesome bug should be all fixed now.
  • Users whose WordPress sites are configured to use a custom XML-RPC URL (you know who you are) are no longer out of luck trying to connect using TypeMetal. TypeMetal’s WordPress login panel now allows for entering a custom XML-RPC URL, as described under “Connecting To WordPress”.
  • The Source Loupe’s virtual mouse pointer is back from an unintentionally long vacation, and once again hovers over the corresponding part of your HTML markup as you mouse over the rendered page.
  • We’ve protected against loss of WordPress draft content due to clicking dangerous links, editing a draft’s category or tag list with unfortunate timing, or getting the selected range to exceed attachment point limits. In short, your writing is safer now.
  • New post categories added via the WordPress web interface now reliably make their way to TypeMetal when you sync.
  • The “View in Browser” context-menu command can find WordPress.com-hosted drafts again.

See the TypeMetal Version History for the complete list of fixes in 2.0.8.

As usual, many of the issues fixed in this release were reported by TypeMetal users like you. So please do keep the e-mails, Support Forum posts, and tweets coming, and let us know how we can help! (Reviews on the Mac App Store are also greatly appreciated and help more than you can know! If TypeMetal has been useful to you, please help us spread the word — Thanks!)

A year ago today, TypeMetal introduced the world to an agile and versatile new way to author professional-grade HTML. Since then, it has evolved into a powerful and intuitive WordPress publishing app, while remaining a fully general editor for standalone HTML files.

What have you built with TypeMetal? How has TypeMetal affected your workflow? And what would you like to see in the future? We’d love to hear your use case stories and feedback on the TypeMetal Support Forum! (App Store reviews are welcome and greatly appreciated too!)

With profound gratitude to the many customers whose indispensable support has helped sustain this project! — Thank you for making this year possible!