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    Williams Bonnel

    Hello i have a small keyboard on my iMac and I have few problems with shortcuts for list and headings I can’t get that ⌘] ⌘[<br />
    ⌘3 ⌘4 seem to be some screenshot shortcut and with new shortcut for SIRI I’m struggling ! How did you solve that you need to rewrite those conflict to get the typemetal shortcut coming back to working properly ? seem like the shortcut is created for long keyboard with numeric</p>
    <p>Some advises there ?


    Williams Bonnel

    Also I notice that the wrap in tags shortcut (shift + Control + /) occurs some instant crash sometimes but it’s happening a lot to me. I’m on macOS Sierra ;)



    Hi Williams,

    Thank you for your purchase of TypeMetal! I’m very sorry to hear you’ve encountered a crash! I use TypeMetal and the Cmd+/ shortcut daily and crashes have been an extremely rare occurrence in my experience, so a crash log would be very useful to me in understanding what’s happening on your machine so I can fix the bug. If you’d be so kind, please look in the “User Reports” section in the sidebar of the Console app. In the alphabetical list to the right, look for lines that start with “TypeMetal”. You can drag each of those crash logs directly into an email message to attach it. A few representative examples sent to “support” at coherencelabs.com would be enough — thank you!

    Keyboard-shorcut-wise, it sounds as if maybe you’re having trouble with the Shift key being pressed when not expected? Are you perhaps using the “Enable Sticky Keys” setting in Accessibility preferences (Keyboard section)? Cmd+Shift+3 and Cmd+Shift+4 are the screen grab keyboard shortcuts on Sierra, same as on previous versions of macOS, so it sounds like the system is acting as if Shift is down if you’re getting the screen grab action instead of TypeMetal’s h3/h4 heading element actions. Likewise if the system is acting as if Shift is held down things like Cmd+[ and Cmd+] would not work. See if “Enable Sticky Keys” is checked, and try unchecking it if you don’t need it.

    Keyboard type shouldn’t make a difference, by the way. I use and prefer the small Apple wireless keyboard, but TypeMetal should work well with the long (with numeric keypad) keyboards too.

    Looking forward to receiving the crash trace(s) if you have a moment. I’d love to get that problem fixed for the next release.

    Thank you again for your support! Let me know if the above suggestion doesn’t solve the keyboard problem you’re having!

    Troy Stephens


    Williams Bonnel

    screenshot sent

    and i continu the shortcut thread in my emails so please check it and reply when you can have a nice sunday


    Williams Bonnel

    screenshot sent (crash logs I meant)


    Williams Bonnel

    Enable Sticky Keys is not activated.</p>
    <p>For list the shortcut is CMD + ]<br />
    But on my apple magic keyboard I can’t get that bracket without typing SHIFT + ALT + )<br />
    so I need to type CMD + SHIFT + ALT + )</p>
    <p>Right ? or I miss something ?


    Williams Bonnel


    Williams Bonnel

    OK thats because i’m in FRANCE and use a FRENCH KEYBOARD i do not have square brackets near the Keys letter P i have ^ and $ instead
    SO… i guess i have to use it as ENGLISH or AMERICAN for acessing the shortcuts so it’s sucks for the workflow of typemetal :(


    Williams Bonnel

    And according to the Qwerty Keyboard
    The combo of the crash i cours is probably shift + control + .
    that’s the corresponding one between qwerty to alerte ( shift + ctrl + / )


    Williams Bonnel

    alerte (azerty)


    Troy Stephens


    Thank you, Williams! As indicated in email, the crash logs are a tremendous help in showing me right where the problem is. I’ll develop a fix for the next update.

    I see now from email and the Support forum thread that the problem isn’t an Accessibility sticky keys setting as I’d suspected, but that TypeMetal’s default keyboard shortcuts are awkward for you to use because they’re designed with the assumption of the U.S. keyboard layout. I would love to solve this problem.

    Any suggestions you might have for particular keyboard shortcuts that you would find comfortable and convenient would be a great help. I’m going to look at the keyboard layout myself too and see what ideas I can come up with.

    It is possible to work around the keyboard shortcut awkwardness by adding your own replacement keyboard shortcuts in the “App Shortcuts” section of the “Shortcuts” tab of the “Keyboard” preference panel. But I realize that adding all the necessary shortcuts is laborious and should not be necessary. If I can fix this in the next update, I’d love to. It shouldn’t be hard to do, once we know what key assignments we want to use instead.

    Thank you for your patience and thorough reporting on this! I look forward to getting the problem fixed and out of your way!


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