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    Alexander Mars

    Hi<br />
    I have few questions:<br />
    1) i have a part of code i need to use and i can’t make it through the snippets. For example to post picture i have a part of code `<div class=”uk-width-medium-1-2″><br />
    <div class=”uk-overlay”><a class=”wf_file” href=$ target=”_blank” data-lightbox=”transitionIn:fade;transitionOut:fade;titlePosition:float;overlayShow:true;padding:10;type:image”><img src=$ border=”0″ alt=”” /></a><br />
    </div><br />
    </div><br />
    `<br />
    in the href= i want to put different image links. so when i add {content} tag in snippets it doesn’t work for me.</p>
    <p>2) will be there any joomla site support for typemetal?


    Troy Stephens

    Hi Alexander,

    TypeMetal’s snippet system doesn’t currently provide for replicating an attribute value (e.g. image URL) in more than one place like this, and the {content} token must be used outside of an element tag. What you could do, however, is define the elements that surround the as a snippet. (Replace the in the snippet body you gave above with the {content} placeholder token.) Then you’d be able to use that snippet to wrap an element after you create the . Not as automatic as what you’re looking for, but it may still save you some repeated work.

    There aren’t currently any specific plans for Joomla support, but your interest is useful feedback — thanks!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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