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    Doug Hoffart

    Hi Troy,

    I haven’t seen any activity/updates on TypeMetal for more than a year, so I’m wondering if it has been discontinued?

    Thanks for any information.




    Thanks for your question, Doug!

    TypeMetal and its future are tremendously important to me, and there has been no decision whatsoever to discontinue it. Much to the contrary, I have great enthusiasm for its continued development and for the future and feature set I’ve ultimately envisioned for it. TypeMetal has not yet become self-sustaining as a product, however, so I have been seeking a means to enable its further development while generating needed revenue through other work.

    The experience of loyal TypeMetal users in the interim is likewise very important to me, and I’ve striven to respond quickly with updates as problems have been reported. Most of the issues reported lately have had to do with WordPress hosting compatibility (a moving target, as hosting providers have necessarily tightened their security measures). There’s a TypeMetal beta containing related fixes that I intend to roll into an official App Store update soon.

    If you’ve encountered any problems that have made TypeMetal less helpful to your work than it could be, or have hoped for certain features or enhancements to be added in the future, I’d love to have the benefit of your requests and overall feedback. It’s users’ real-world needs that should ultimately drive TypeMetal’s continued evolution.

    I hope this helps address your understandable concerns. Please know that TypeMetal’s future continues to be keenly on my mind, and I will be making every effort to secure that future and enable it to reach its full potential, in a way that reflects due loyalty to the users who’ve enabled TypeMetal to get as far as it has.

    Regards and sincere thanks for your support,


    Doug Hoffart

    Ok, great thanks for the update Troy! I hope you find the resources and revenue stream to keep TypeMetal alive. :)



    Troy Stephens


    Thank you, Doug! Nothing would make me happier! :)

    Meanwhile, I’m happy to report that a Sierra-ready TypeMetal update just went live on the App Store! Give it a whirl, and let me know about any issues or capability needs you run into.

    If you find TypeMetal useful, an App Store review, Tweet, or whatever you feel moved to post anywhere would be a greatly appreciated help in spreading the word to other potential users! :)

    Many thanks for your support!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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