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    I have edited a WP post in TypeMetal and uploaded it on my website. After this I edited the same post on live. But whatever I do (even after a restart of TypeMetal) I see only the post I edited in TypeMetal. So the post is not updated after I had edited it on live.

    What can I do to ‘reload’ a post/page I have edited on live?


    Troy Stephens


    Hi Jurrien,

    The server-side changes to your post should be automatically downloaded the next time TypeMetal syncs to your WordPress site. To get the changes immediately, you may want to click the “Sync” button in the blog project window toolbar (or choose “Sync with WordPress” from TypeMetal’s “Blogging” menu) to request an immediate sync instead of waiting for TypeMetal to sync automatically. (There … does TypeMetal have your changes now?)

    Note that you can determine how often TypeMetal automatically syncs to WordPress sites using TypeMetal’s “Blogging” preference pane.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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