The TypeMetal Snippet Set File Format

A TypeMetal “snippet set” file is a JSON file that contains HTML snippets for use with TypeMetal, Coherence Labs’ semantically oriented HTML editor for OS X. The snippet set file format is documented here, in the TypeMetal User Guide, with the intent of enabling other applications, tools, and scripts to work with TypeMetal snippet sets if they choose.

The filename extension for a snippet set is “.typemetalsnippets” and the UTI declared by TypeMetal is “com.CoherenceLabs.TypeMetal.snippet-set”.

We think the icon is fun too:

TypeMetal Snippet Set Icon

The main purpose of snippet sets it to help users codify their HTML styling conventions (common class names, class-element pairings, constructs, etc.), so that they can be more easily and consistently applied when writing Web content —both by an individual user, and by a team. The HTML-file/snippet-set association resides in an HTML file’s <head> metadata, so that it can hold for all the members of a team that’s collaborating on some Web content — via a version control system, perhaps. Users who aren’t using TypeMetal can readily disregard the extra <link> element.

Please direct any questions about the snippet set file format to our TypeMetal support forum, or to @CoherenceLabs on Twitter. We’d be happy to answer them!