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Associating a Snippet Set with an HTML File or WordPress Blog

To tell TypeMetal you’d like to use a given snippet set when editing an HTML file, you can do any of the following:

  • Choose the snippet set from the HTML document window’s snippet set picker, or
  • Choose the snippet set from the FileHTML Snippet Set menu, or
  • Embed a custom <link> element in the document’s <head>, if composing the document programmatically or editing its source code by hand

For a WordPress blog, you can do the same by clicking the “Settings” toolbar icon in the blog window’s toolbar:

PIcking a Snippet Set for a WordPress Blog Project

TypeMetal will use the specified snippet set anytime you edit one of the blog’s posts or pages.

Picking a Snippet Set

When an HTML document window’s toolbar is shown, it usually includes a snippet set picker control, that looks like this:

Snippet Set Picker

The main part of the picker indicates the HTML file’s associated snippet set, if any. If the HTML file has no associated snippet set, the picker shows “(Plain HTML)”.

The button on the right side of the picker provides a convenient way to open the selected snippet set for viewing and editing.

Clicking on the main part of the picker shows a pop-up menu, that gives you the opportunity to choose one of the snippet sets known to TypeMetal. The menu also gives you a way to choose another snippet set file that isn’t in the list, and a way to create a new snippet set to associate with the document.

Snippet Set Picker Menu

If the HTML file has an associated snippet set, it is indicated with a checkmark in the popup menu, as “My Snippets” is in the above screenshot.

If you want to remove an HTML file’s snippet set association, choose the first menu item: (Plain HTML).

Snippet set files that you’ve used previously are listed next in the menu.

Using the “HTML Snippet Set” Submenu

The File menu’s HTML Snippet Set item provides the same functionality as the snippet set picker, but is always available, even when an HTML window is set to hide its toolbar.

Hand-Embedding a Custom <link> Element

TypeMetal stores the relative URL to an HTML file’s associated snippet set (if any) in a custom <link> element in the HTML file’s <head>. You can easily establish the same kind of link yourself if you like, when editing an HTML file’s source code in another editor, or when generating an HTML file programmatically.

“Metadata TypeMetal May Add to HTML Files” shows the syntax for a TypeMetal snippet set <link>.

Next Steps

Specify an HTML document type for your snippet set.