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TypeMetal User Guide

Blogging Preferences

TypeMetal’s “Blogging” preference pane lets you adjust TypeMetal’s WordPress-related behaviors to your liking.

Blogging Preferences
TypeMetal’s “Blogging” Preference Panel

Sync Preferences

You can tell TypeMetal whether, and how often, to attempt automatic syncing with your WordPress servers. (TypeMetal syncs with a WordPress account only while one or more of the account’s blogs is open for editing.)

To let TypeMetal sync automatically, choose one of the settings such as “Every 5 minutes”, “Every hour”, etc.

If you prefer to have TypeMetal sync only when you explicitly tell it to, choose “Manually”.

Publishing Behaviors

By default, when you ask it to publish a post or page, TypeMetal closes the post’s editor window, and opens the post or page in your default Web browser.

You can disable either or both of these behaviors by unchecking the corresponding check boxes.