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TypeMetal User Guide

Creating a Snippet Set

To create a new snippet set file:

  • Choose FileHTML Snippet SetCreate New Snippet Set… when an HTML document window is active, or
  • Choose “Create New Snippet Set…” from an HTML document window’s snippet set picker, or
  • Press Command+Shift+N, or
  • Choose FileNew HTML Snippet Set

When you create a snippet set using either of the first two methods, TypeMetal prompts you to name and save the snippet set, and then automatically associates the new snippet set with the active HTML file. This is probably the most convenient approach.

When you create a new snippet set using either of the last two methods, it begins life as an “Untitled” file. After you save it in a permanent location, you can associate it with the HTML file(s) you’d like to use it with.

Next Steps

Once you’ve created a snippet set, you may want to specify its general properties, its intended document type, have it disallow certain HTML elements, or create, edit, and organize snippets.