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TypeMetal User Guide

Cut and Copy

TypeMetal provides a standard Cut command, and a few variants of the standard Copy command that are useful for various purposes.

Plain “Copy”

The default Copy command copies the selection to the pasteboard as both HTML WebArchive data (its richest representation) and plain text. It’s usually what you want, for copying content to paste elsewhere in the same HTML file or into other HTML files you have open in TypeMetal windows.

Copying as HTML Source Code

Sometimes, you want to copy the HTML source code that corresponds to a particular selection — so that when you paste into a plain-text document, or into a text area in a Web page form, you get the corresponding HTML markup, instead just its plain-text content, or the styled results it produces.

Use the Copy as HTML Source Code command for this purpose (Command+Option+C).

The context menu for a path bar segment also provides a Copy Interior as HTML Source Code command, that you can use to copy the HTML source code for only the interior of the corresponding HTML element — omitting the start and end tags for the element itself. This can be handy when you want everything inside a container, but not the container itself.


The Cut command performs the same copy as the “Plain” Copy command, and also deletes the selected content from the document.

Next Steps

Once you’ve copied content to the pasteboard, you’ll probably want to paste it next.