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TypeMetal User Guide

Drag and Drop

TypeMetal supports the same drag-and-drop mechanisms you’ve come to expect from other apps.

In HTML Windows

You can drag selected content from Web browser windows, content from other text editing applications, and content from other TypeMetal HTML windows into a TypeMetal HTML window. You can also drag selected content out of a TypeMetal HTML window and into documents in other applications.

TypeMetal’s “Show Block Structure” mode provides handles on block-level elements, that you can use to grasp and drag entire subtrees of a document.

TypeMetal’s handling of incoming and outgoing content during drag-and-drop closely parallels its content handling during copy and paste operations.

In Snippet Set Windows

You can drag snippets and snippet groups, both within a single snippet set window (to reorganize your snippets) and from one snippet set window to another (to copy snippets between snippet sets).