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TypeMetal User Guide

HTML Windows

To write and edit the content of an .html file, you use an HTML Document Window that provides:

  • a large area in the center, where you view and edit your .html file’s content — fully rendered, as your readers will see it
  • an optional toolbar at the top of the window, that provides convenient buttons for adjusting text magnification, toggling the Source Loupe and “Show Blocks” mode, and picking or opening your document’s associated snippet set, primary style sheet, and HTML formatting preferences
  • a “path bar” at the bottom of the window, that helps you see where your insertion point or selection is in relation to the document’s structure, and provides a convenient means to select and operate on the elements it lists

There’s also a document properties area, that you can access by pulling down or double-clicking the concealed splitter below the toolbar, choosing ViewShow Title and Properties, or pressing Command+Option+T.

TypeMetal HTML Document Window
An HTML Document Window