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TypeMetal User Guide

Organizing Snippets

TypeMetal provides snippet groups to help you organize your snippets. Each snippet group is shown as a heading in the snippet set window’s outline view:

snippet set window outline view and status bar
A Snippet Set Window

The snippets in the above example are organized into two groups — “General Inline Semantic Styles” and “Page Structure”.

Groups exist at the top level of a snippet set. Every snippet must belong to a group, and a group may contain only snippets (not other groups).

You can organize your snippets by creating new groups with names that are meaningful to you, and adding appropriate snippets to them in whatever order you like. (The order of groups and snippets in a snippet set file is preserved, to make organizing snippets easier, help minimize file version diffs. and make snippet set files more readily merge-able.)

Drag snippets and snippet groups within the outline view to move and reorder them. You can even drag snippets and groups of snippets from one snippet set window to another, to copy the dragged items from one snippet set file to another.

Click the “+ Group” button in a snippet set window’s status bar to add a new snippet group.

Click the “-“ button with one or more groups or snippets selected to delete those groups or snippets.

All edits to a snippet set are Undo-/Redo-able.

Next Steps

If your snippet set might be useful to others, consider sharing or publishing it.