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TypeMetal User Guide

Editing a Snippet Set’s Properties

A TypeMetal snippet set has properties you can set, that help you to state its identity and purpose, and direct others to a URL where they can obtain new versions of the snippet set and the latest information about it.

You edit these properties in the top pane of a snippet set window. They consist of:

  • the snippet set’s title
  • a “usage” string, that should summarize the purpose or intended usage of the snippet set
  • a “provider” string, that you can use to identify yourself or your organization, for snippet sets you might want to publish
  • an “info URL”, that you can specify to direct users to a web page that provides further information about the snippet set and recommended usage, and perhaps offers new versions of the snippet set for download

The contents of these property fields are entirely up to your preferences. A snippet set’s “title” has special significance, in that it’s what appears in the snippet set picker. Choose a title that will uniquely identify your snippet set, and that clearly distinguishes it from any other snippet sets you may work with.

Next Steps

Associate your snippet set with one or more HTML files or WordPress blogs.