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TypeMetal User Guide

What is TypeMetal?

TypeMetal is both a handy HTML notepad and a serious structured writing tool, designed to help you produce modern, semantic, streamlined HTML with ease and agility. Whether you’re crafting a large body of sophisticated, semantic HTML, or dashing off some quick HTML for a blog post or website comment, TypeMetal makes it easy.

TypeMetal 2 can open and edit standalone .html files, and also integrates with WordPress to provide a complete, Mac-native authoring experience.

Some ways you can use TypeMetal

  • Craft WordPress posts and pages.
    Why put up with writing blog posts in a Web form UI, while relying entirely on a remote server to preserve what may be years of precious work? TypeMetal gives you a whole new way to own your content, by syncing all your posts and pages to your Mac. Keep your valuable writing close at hand, while enjoying the Mac-native HTML writing and editing experience that TypeMetal provides.
  • Draft articles for other sites.
    Even if you aren’t using WordPress, you can use TypeMetal to draft articles, posts, and pages for the sites you write content for. When you’re ready to publish or submit your latest masterpiece, you can easily copy and paste its nicely formatted HTML into that Web form, or email it to your editor.
  • Collect web clippings.
    TypeMetal cleans and streamlines HTML that you paste or drag-and-drop into its document windows, making it a perfect companion when you need to grab links and notable quotables for use in your writing. Just open a new TypeMetal window and drag or paste selections from your Web browser. Polish the results to your liking using TypeMetal’s powerful inspection and editing capabilities, then incorporate the perfected clippings into your writing. TypeMetal can keep any number of persistent “Untitled” windows open for your collecting convenience. Their contents can connect to stylesheets, images, TypeMetal snippet sets, and other referenced files, just as any permanently-saved HTML file can.
  • Take notes in HTML format.
    Why settle for plain text? With HTML, you gain linking and powerful, flexible, potentially semantic styling, without sacrificing openness or longevity.
  • Write semantically.
    TypeMetal’s snippet sets help you define your own HTML styling constructs and produce modern, flexibly-styled “semantic” markup with ease — taking full advantage of the extensible design of modern HTML to produce beautifully structured, meaningful documents. You can share your brilliant snippet sets with others, in a simple, documented file format, to help your team stick to common conventions. Collaborative website development just got easier.
  • Encapsulate your style guide.
    Run a website? Make your submission guidelines more likely to be followed, by providing a snippet set for prospective authors to use. Snippet sets can constrain contributors to the HTML elements your site allows, making life easier for authors and saving you needless editorial cleanup.
  • Find and fix problems in HTML files.
    TypeMetal shows you at-a-glance validation status for every HTML file you open, and repairs serious problems as it loads a page. Green light? You’re good to go! Not-so-green light? TypeMetal guides you to problem locations so you can fix what ails your file, then re-validates as you edit. It also guides your use of HTML elements and snippets as you write, to avoid creating invalid markup in the first place.

A New Way of Working

With TypeMetal, you work with your content as it will be seen, while maintaining full control over the professional-grade markup your writing generates. Let go and be amazed, as you create beautifully formatted, industry-standard HTML files with ease.

TypeMetal was designed to help you be productive, and is fully keyboard-navigable. Inserting an HTML element or snippet is just a few quickly-reached keystrokes away. Keep your fingertips on the keyboard, and your mind on what you’re writing, not on the tedious minutiae of HTML syntax.

Getting Started

See the Quick Start page for eleven essential things it will help you to know about TypeMetal.