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TypeMetal User Guide

Creating a New WordPress Post or Page

TypeMetal offers both a “New Post” command and a “New Page” command. Both are available in a blog window’s toolbar, as well as in the “Blogging” menu. Choosing either creates a new post (or page) draft, and opens an editor window where you can provide its content and properties.

WordPress offers two main types of content unit: posts and pages

  • Blog posts are what you’ll probably create most often. A post has a title and body, and may be classified using categories and/or tags. Posts appear on your site chronologically, and WordPress usually includes portions of a post’s publication date in the post’s permalink URL.
  • Pages are somewhat similar to posts, but don’t have categories or tags, and aren’t filed chronologically. You usually create a page to publish something that’s of enduring interest (an “About Me” or “About This Site” page, for example). A page’s permalink URL usually omits its publication date, yielding a more appropriate address for content that isn’t associated with a particular date.

Unless you’re working in offline mode, TypeMetal automatically uploads your draft to WordPress each time you save your work (⌘S).

Once a post has been published, TypeMetal only uploads changes to WordPress when you explicitly instruct it to publish the post again.