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TypeMetal User Guide

Using TypeMetal with WordPress

TypeMetal 2 can communicate directly with WordPress, enabling you to:

  • Draft and publish new posts and pages, and edit existing posts and pages, with a Mac-native visual editing experience that only TypeMetal’s revolutionary HTML editing UI can provide.
  • View and edit your posts as they’ll appear to readers: fully styled using your site’s theme. With TypeMetal’s visual editing engine, you edit right in your pages. — There’s no need for a separate “preview”!
  • Toggle into an uncluttered “Clear View” mode when you wish, to more easily focus on your content.
  • Browse, search, and edit your entire site, even without an Internet connetion. TypeMetal keeps a complete, self-contained copy of your WordPress posts, pages, Media Library, and other supporting images and resources on your Mac, so you can finally own your content in a whole new way. When you get back online, TypeMetal syncs any changes you’ve asked it to publish back to your WordPress host — automatically. Think of it as Mail.app for your WordPress sites.

The following pages will help you get started: