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TypeMetal User Guide

Removing a WordPress Project from TypeMetal

If you no longer want to work with a given blog using TypeMetal, you can remove it. Doing so doesn’t delete anything on your WordPress server. It only moves TypeMetal’s project files for the blog, any for all other blogs that are hosted under the same account, to the Trash. (It isn’t possible to remove a blog without removing all blogs under the associated account.) Before you do this, make sure you don’t have any unpublished work in the TypeMetal project that you don’t want to discard.

To remove a blog from TypeMetal, pull down TypeMetal’s “Blogging” menu, and press and hold the [Option] key. In place of an “Open …” item for each of your blogs, the menu will show a “Remove …” item.

Choose the menu item for the blog you want to remove. TypeMetal will prompt you for confirmation, pointing out any other blogs that share the same account and would therefore be removed from TypeMetal too.

If you wish to proceed with the removal, click the “OK” button. TypeMetal will attempt to move the project files to the Trash.

Afterward, TypeMetal lets you know via another panel whether the removal succeeded or failed. If the removal succeeds, you’ll no longer see the removed blog(s) in TypeMetal’s “Blogging” menu. If the removal fails, please contact us for support.

If you change your mind about removing a WordPress project, you can move the corresponding “WordPress Project” file from the Trash back into TypeMetal’s WordPress project shoebox directory, at:

~/Library/Containers/com.CoherenceLabs.TypeMetal/Data/Library/Application Support/com.CoherenceLabs.TypeMetal/CMSAccounts

The project’s blogs should show up in the “Blogging” menu the next time you relaunch TypeMetal.