TypeMetal Beta

Now and then, we’ll post a pre-release build of TypeMetal here. This enables us to deliver urgent fixes to users, faster than the Mac App Store review process allows for.

The TypeMetal 2.1.2 Beta build that’s available below contains experimental fixes for image attribute editing, including a crash that could occur after adding an <img> element to a document. It also fixes a crash that occurred when double-clicking an element type in the completion popover. And it contains the beginnings of French menu localization.


TypeMetal and TypeMetal Beta require a 64-bit Intel Mac that’s running OS X 10.8 or newer.

To be able to use a pre-release build, you must have an original, Mac App Store-purchased copy of TypeMetal on your system, in the default install location of /Applications. If you see TypeMetal when you navigate to the system’s main “Applications” folder in Finder (Cmd+Shift+A will take you there), then you’re all set! If your copy of TypeMetal resides elsewhere, you’ll need to temporarily move it to the “Applications” folder, or the pre-release build will silently fail to launch.

As with all pre-release software, these pre-release builds may contain bugs. Always take appropriate precautions to back up and safeguard your valuable data before using them.


  1. Quit any copy of TypeMetal that may already be running.
  2. Click here to download the latest pre-release build.
  3. Find the file you just downloaded. Most web browsers will unpack the .zip file automatically, leaving you with an application file named something like “TypeMetal Beta 2.1.2d”.
  4. Double-click this pre-release build of TypeMetal, and use it as you usually would.
  5. Let us know right away about any issues you encounter, by emailing “support” at “coherencelabs.com”, tweeting us @CoherenceLabs, or posting on the TypeMetal Support Forum. If you have any concerns about possible data loss, discontinue use of the pre-release build immediately.