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TypeMetal User Guide

TypeMetal’s Menus

TypeMetal menu bar

TypeMetal’s menus provide a comprehensive way to access and explore the functionality it offers. They organize TypeMetal’s features as follows:

  • The TypeMetal application menu offers access to TypeMetal’s Preferences panel, along with other standard application menu items.
  • The File menu offers operations that pertain to entire files — either HTML files, or TypeMetal snippet set files. In addition to the standard File menu commands such as Open, Duplicate, and Print, TypeMetal’s File menu enables you to view or change an HTML file’s associated snippet set, primary style sheet, and HTML formatting preferences. It also gives you a convenient way to open an HTML file in your default Web browser (e.g. Safari).
  • The Edit menu offers operations that pertain to selected content, or perform an insertion or deletion at the insertion point. In addition to the standard Edit menu commands such as Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste, and Delete, Find and Replace, Select All, and Select None, TypeMetal’s Edit menu gives you special ways to Copy and Paste HTML to achieve desired results, and helps you transform whitespace between breaking and non-breaking.
  • The Structure menu is unique to TypeMetal, and encompasses much of its editing power. It provides both core capabilities for editing content structure (such as element and snippet insertion, and element attribute editing) and convenient shortcuts for common operations (such as editing lists, toggling common text styling, and adjusting heading levels).
  • The Blogging menu provides functionality for working with your WordPress sites. It lists your WordPress projects for quick opening, and offers commands that operate on blogs and posts.
  • The View menu offers commands for viewing your content in various ways, without modifying it. It lets you toggle in and out of Block Mode (which highlights and provides for manipulating your document’s block-level structure), view and edit an HTML file’s properties, view the file’s HTML source code using TypeMetal’s Source Loupe, and adjust your document’s text magnification for more comfortable editing.
  • The Window menu provides standard commands for managing windows, as in other Mac OS X apps.
  • The Help menu presents this application “help book” for browsing and searching.