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TypeMetal User Guide

Sharing and Publishing Snippet Sets

TypeMetal’s HTML snippet sets are designed to be easily shared by people who collaborate to build websites. They’re stored in a simple, compact, documented, text-based format that’s friendly to file transfer and version tracking alike.

Creating snippet sets for your own use helps you stick to a chosen set of common conventions, as far as the “class” names, class-element pairings, and common HTML constructs you use to build your content. When you share a snippet set with others who use TypeMetal, this benefit is multiplied across a group of collaborators — helping to facilitate consistency across different working groups that contribute to a single website or other body of content.

For example: The administrator of a website that accepts article submissions could easily publish an official TypeMetal snippet set that contributors can use when drafting articles for the site. Using the snippet set will help steer authors toward the HTML conventions that the site uses, including restricting the set of allowed elements.