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TypeMetal User Guide

Browsing and Searching Your WordPress Site

For each WordPress blog you open, TypeMetal provides a browser window that lists all of your posts and pages. Using menu commands, toolbar buttons, keystrokes and right-click (context) menus, you can:

  • search through your posts and pages by title, content, categories, tags, and other properties
  • read, and copy content from, individual posts and pages — right in the browser’s post viewing area
  • open an editor window for any post or page
  • open any post or page, or your site’s landing page, for viewing in your Web browser
  • open your site’s WordPress administration page in your Web browser
  • share any published post or page, using any of the sharing services OS X supports (Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc.)
  • copy the permalink URL for any post or page
  • create new posts and pages
  • delete any post or page
  • choose a TypeMetal snippet set that you want to use when editing your blog’s posts and pages
  • browse your site’s WordPress media library
  • monitor and initiate sync with WordPress

The Post/Page List

At the left side of each blog window, you’ll find a list of the blog’s posts and pages. The list includes the posts and pages that match the current search term and filters, if any (see below), sorted in the currently selected sort order.

Viewing Posts

Click any post or page in the list to select it. (You can also use the ↑ and ↓ keys to step through the list, when the list has focus.)

The content view on the right side of the window displays the post or page that’s selected. There’s a vertical splitter between the post/page list and the content area, that you can drag to allocate space however you want.

To view any published post on your website:

  • Hold the [Shift] key down and double-click the post in the list, or
  • Right-click the post in the list, and choose “View in Browser”, or
  • Select the post in the list, and choose “View Post in Browser” from the “Blogging” menu

This also works for unpublished drafts, as long as TypeMetal has had the chance to upload the draft to your WordPress host.

Editing Posts

To open any post for editing:

  • Double-click the post in the list, or
  • Right-click the post in the list, and choose “Open for Editing”, or
  • Select the post in the list, and choose “Open Post for Editing” from the “Blogging” menu

Any of these actions opens a separate window for the post, where you can edit its content, title, and other properties, and request publishing of the post when ready.