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TypeMetal Version History


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when browsing the menus, after double-clicking a few blog posts/pages to open them for editing.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when invoking “Insert” or “Wrap In…” .
  • When the selection changes, cancel any pending “Insert” or “Wrap In…” and close the popover, if it’s shown.
  • Fixed “Learn More…” tooltips failing to disappear.


  • macOS Sierra compatibility! Fixed a few minor bugs that would’ve gotten in the way of a great TypeMetal experience.
  • Security updates: App Transport Security conformance, new OpenSSL, new OAuth2!
  • WordPress project window:
    • The post+page list now loads on demand, as it’s scrolled. This, and less aggressive reindexing, improve performance for sites with thousands of posts.
    • Copy Permalink URL” from post+page list context menu now works better. We put more kinds of data on the pasteboard, to help client apps find a kind they want to paste.
    • Index searching is more robust. Because nobody enjoys crashing mid-search — or ever, really.
  • WordPress post editor windows:
    • Post category list now registers edits correctly.
  • Cobwebs cleared, attic dusted, uses of deprecated API replaced.
  • Document properties titlebar popover is gone from WordPress project and post+page editor windows, where it just caused trouble.


  • WordPress sync fixes:
    • TypeMetal now identifies itself to WordPress hosts, enabling service providers to whitelist it.
    • Optional rate-limiting of requests (via settings in the account login UI), as one way to avoid problems with WordPress hosts that use ModSecurity and similar measures to foil malicious attacks.
    • Increased object count per request, to reduce the impact of rate-limiting.
  • Source Loupe fixes:
    • Show Source Loupe” (Cmd+Opt+U) responds immediately again, instead of stalling on first show.
    • Insertion point indicator and content highlighting now track the mouse position more reliably.


  • General HTML editing:
    • Fixed missing mouse pointer in Source Loupe.
    • Disallow deleting <body> element. Clicking <body> in path bar now selects its contents.
  • WordPress sync:
    • Fixed new categories sometimes not syncing from WordPress on a non-exhaustive sync.
    • Allow for custom WordPress XML-RPC URLs.
    • Better sync error diagnostics.
  • WordPress project window:
    • “View in Browser” can find WordPress.com-hosted drafts again.
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when closing a blog project window.
    • Fixed deleted posts not disappearing from the active post list.
  • WordPress post editor windows:
    • Fixed loss of unsaved post title or body changes when applying category or tag edits.
    • Deleting a post’s title or body replaces it with selected placeholder text, so the editable area doesn’t disappear.
    • Preserve empty “href” attributes when saving a post. Better error diagnostics during save.
    • Omit local TypeMetal project files from URL completion lists, for safety.
    • Safety checks to prevent clicking a bad link from causing content loss.
    • Constrain double- and triple-click selection to editable areas.
    • Cmd+click opens links.


  • Critical fix for WordPress.com users: Use HTTPS transport, as now required.
  • Fixed an exception in resource cache URL manipulation, that could cause WordPress syncs to get stuck.
  • Fixed “href” URL edits not sticking when “Show URL suggestions automatically” is unchecked.
  • When there's no URL on the pasteboard, don't autofill a created element's "href" from pasteboard history.
  • Accept [enter] the same as [return], in attribute value text fields.
  • Attribute name completion field no longer says “Search” on Yosemite.


  • Fixed spinning beachball when editing a link’s “href” attribute!
  • Fixed incorrect escaping inside <script> elements.


  • Fixed first-time and exhaustive (Option+click) sync failures, for WordPress.com and other hosts that disable the “wp.getUsersBlogs” XML-RPC call for security reasons. There is a new sign-in process for WordPress.com blogs.
  • Allow sync to complete with overall success when user is denied access to a site’s WordPress “pages” (helps accounts that have posts-only access restrictions).
  • Fall back to “Clear View” mode when template loading fails.
  • User Interface clipping and appearance fixes.


  • Crash, hang, and leak fixes.
  • Fixes to WordPress template handling and “featured image” handling.


  • Maintain original publication date, when publishing an updated post to WordPress
  • Fixes for post list filtering and state restoration in WordPress blog windows
  • Fix for “Wrap In…”


  • Ctrl+click works the same as right-click in WordPress post list.
  • WordPress blog window’s non-editable post view no longer accepts drops.
  • Fix for WordPress project removal (hold [Option] key while browsing “Blogging” menu).
  • Added sync log diagnostics to help identify login-to-fetch-templates failure.


  • Fixes for WordPress sync, and post presentation and editing, including better handling of posts that depend on WordPress' automatic paragraph generation
  • Fixed a crash that could occur after closing the last of a WordPress project's windows
  • TypeMetal Help clarifications and fixes


WordPress is here!

TypeMetal 2 adds a complete Mac-native experience for publishing to your WordPress sites! (WordPress hosting required.)

TypeMetal’s new WordPress projects provide for:

  • Automatic sync with any WordPress.com-hosted or standard self-hosted WordPress installation
  • Offline browsing, search, editing, and drafting of posts and pages, using a self-contained local copy of your WordPress content that TypeMetal keeps indexed and up to date
  • The ability to edit content right in your rendered pages, using TypeMetal’s revolutionary visual (WYSIWYG) HTML editor and your site’s own theme
  • An optional, uncluttered “Clear View” mode, that helps you focus on your content
  • Truly easy pushbutton publishing, that automatically uploads needed images to your WordPress Media Library


  • Source Loupe getting in your way? We hear you! A new preference lets you embed it below the content area. Use the new “Show Source Loupe” popup button in TypeMetal’s “General” preference panel to configure the Source Loupe the way you like it.
  • When the Source Loupe is embedded, you can adjust its height and open/close it using the neighboring splitter, touch-scroll inside the Source Loupe to scroll through your entire document’s HTML markup, click in the Source Loupe to position the insertion point at the corresponding point in your document, click-and-drag to select the corresponding range in your document, click an element’s start or end tag to exactly select the element, and double-click an element’s start or end tag to open the Attribute Editor for the element. See the Source Loupe Help page for a complete list of the embedded Source Loupe’s capabilities.
  • Added awareness of HTML 5’s <main>, <dialog>, <rb>, and <rtc> elements. They now validate as proper HTML, appear in the element completion list, and have corresponding checkboxes in the snippet editor’s “Allowed Elements” popover.
  • Fixed <ol> list items within an enclosing <ul> being shown with bullets instead of numbers, when using any of TypeMetal’s bundled style sheets (“Bookly”, “Clarity”, or “Luminance”). The updated stylesheets are now marked as “Version: 1.2”. If you exported or embedded copies of any of these stylesheets, you may want to update your exported or embedded copies. (In an affected document, choose the original bundled stylesheet, then export or embed it again.)
  • References to TypeMetal’s bundled stylesheets are now written as absolute URLs (pointing inside TypeMetal’s app bundle), which enables you to move your HTML files without their stylesheet references breaking.
  • Fixed a stack-blowing recursion crash in file tree scanning, that could occur when encountering filenames containing '/' or ':' characters.
  • Fixed inaccuracies in mapping between document content and the corresponding Source Loupe markup.
  • Help updates and typo fixes.


  • Added support for more filename extensions: TypeMetal now recognizes and will open XHTML documents whose filenames end in .xhtml, .xhtm, .xht, and .xml. (.html, .htm, .shtml, and .shtm are also allowed, for both XHTML and HTML files.)


  • Hop from node to node with agility, using the new Cmd+Opt+↑↓←→ shortcuts!
  • Hop the Attribute Editor from element to element using the same shortcut keys!
  • No more doomsday “Unreasonable Permission Request” sheet! TypeMetal lets you open and edit an HTML file even when it doesn’t have access to all of the image files, stylesheet files, or other resource files that it references. A warning icon in the title bar alerts you to suspect permission requests, and lets you grant additional access if you want, but TypeMetal can also carry on just fine without complete file system access.
  • Fixed failure to load newly added images, failure to visibly switch stylesheets, and other resource load failures that could occur after you saved an Untitled document.
  • Fixed a hang that could occur while reloading a stylesheet.
  • Snippet Set Editor: Fixed expanded snippets appearing to be empty, when opening an already-loaded snippet set for editing.
  • Snippet Set Editor: Fixed “Snippet shorthand example” tooltip being shown for a non-editable snippet shorthand field, and never going away.
  • Fixed URL completion window to be as wide as needed to show long URLs, up to the screen width.


  • Lots of Find and Replace fixes in this update!
    • “Find” more reliably scrolls each found result to visible.
    • “Replace All” puts the replacements where they belong.
    • “Replace” and “Replace All” allow replacing with an empty string.
    • “Replace” no longer gets confused after you perform edits yourself.
    • “Replace” no longer fails for selections whose start and end points aren’t in the same text node.
    • Each “Find”, “Replace”, and Spelling and Grammar step scrolls the result to a more prominent vertically centered position, and pulses the scroll bar(s) to help you see where you are in your document.


  • Spelling and Grammar Checking! (complete with respect for “lang” and “xml:lang” attributes in potentially mixed-language HTML files!)
  • Fixed more misspellings in TypeMetal's Help pages than we care to admit!
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when closing an HTML file.


  • Fixed path bar context menu no longer appearing after the first right-click or Control+click, sometimes accompanied by a crash (a regression that appeared in version 1.0.3).
  • TypeMetal exactly preserves newlines and whitespace inside <pre> elements, instead of trying to condense whitespace when you move the insertion point or change the selection.


  • JavaScript execution can now be enabled, in TypeMetal's "General" preference panel. As in previous TypeMetal versions, it’s otherwise disabled by default, to prevent documents from self-modifying during editing.
  • Made the Source Loupe a little less transparent, to make its contents easier to read.
  • Validation status lights are now yellow for all but serious structural errors.
  • Validation only warns about unknown (“proprietary”) attributes when “Allow user-defined attributes” isn’t checked.
  • Invalid attribute values show as validation warnings, not as structural errors.
  • Clicking an attribute value warning now opens the attribute editor.
  • “tabindex” and “start” attributes are allowed to have negative values, in an HTML 5 document.
  • <li> “value” and <ol> “start” are required to be non-negative, for other document types.
  • Fixed completion hotkey indication in General Preferences.
  • Added missing “Version History” page to Help book. (You’re reading it!)


  • Robust, stall-free URL completion.
  • The shorthand of a newly created empty snippet is now editable.
  • Snippet disclosure button toggles its visual state correctly.
  • Fixed “Learn more…” Help link in snippet shorthand tooltip.
  • Completion lists open above their owning search field when there isn’t room below, and stay attached to their parent window.
  • Clicking in the content area dismisses attribute editor, even when it has a URL or attribute name completion window open.
  • Paste and Drop reliably add “Block Mode” highlighting to what was pasted or dropped.
  • Fixed “Welcome” document styling.
  • Fixed a crash.
  • Minor Help fixes.


  • Editing behavior improvements
  • Tightened the bolts on some user interface elements
  • Re-calibrated the flux capacitor for June 2013